Official Trailer for Unfaithful 6

The trailer to Unfaithful 6 provides you with more insight into this riveting finale to the Viv Thomas series of lesbian betrayal.

Unfaithful 6

Realizing it’s now way too late, Lisa still struggles to come to terms with losing someone she loved so much. Haunted by memories of Nella, her new relationships falter and she is plunged deep into despair. Jo and Eve enjoy an idyllic life together, only for past and present transgressions to rear their ugly head. Infidelity changes everything.

Can trust ever be recaptured? Emotionally and beautifully shot by one of the greatest lesbian porn production houses: the Viv Thomas Team.

Unfaithful 6 – another leaked screenshot

Jo in Unfaithful 6

Leaked screen shot from Unfaithful 6

It looks like Jo has turned to drinking.

Is she drowning her sorrows or just having a good rocking party? If you remember correctly from Unfaithful 5, Eve and her had experienced a blissful holiday in Portugal (even if Lisa hadn’t!)

Where would you like their relationship to go in Unfaithful 6? Bear in mind that Jo had seduced that incredibly sexy cleaner. But Eve doesn’t know that… or does she?

Zafira - the sexy Portuguese cleaner

Zafira – the sexy Portuguese cleaner

Unfaithful 6 leaked screengrab


Somehow a screen grab landed up on our desk and because “Unfaithful 6″ is still shrouded in secrecy, it’s a mystery as to what we can make of this shot. However, if you look closely it’s almost as if “Unfaithful 6″ is giving a nod to the original Unfaithful.

Unfaithful 1 opens with Lisa waking up and needing to go to work. Nella persuades her to make love and afterwards she gets up for a shower. Nella looks on, with absolute (almost unnerving) adoration, as Lisa washes her body.

Who is that girl in the screenshot lying in Lisa’s bed?

Unfaithful 6 is in post production

Lisa Unfaithful 6

Lisa: make-up by Gina B for Unfaithful 6

We have finished shooting Unfaithful 6 and the title is currently in post-production.  This will conclude the lesbian saga and all we’re saying right now is that Lisa, Eve Angel and Jo are amongst the cast…

We will release more information closer to the launch date.

Unfaithful 3 in HD!

If you are a fan of High Definition films and you have the latest computer to play it on (some older computer’s can’t handle HD video and end up stuttering and stammering all the way through) then you’ll be really excited to know that we have just quietly launched Unfaithful 3 as an HD Download in our online shop.

Just over halfway through this series of dramatic lesbian love, Unfaithful 3 stars the now legendary Nella, Trisha Brill and of course Lisa. Stunning Vera and Esmeralda feature too. Here’s the official explanation of the film:

When Nelly discovers her lover is a serial cheater she loses herself in a subverted emotional frenzy. Having never been with another woman, she now wants to taste the mistress who caused her lovers infidelity.

Having breathed a fresh scent she suddenly finds a new inner-self, and a new hot-blooded sexuality as she becomes the adulterer. Lost in a succession of affairs the two women are driven apart by desires and passions neither can understand nor control.

Unfaithful 3 shows genuine and fully-explicit lesbian sex as it’s never been seen before. Erotic and very graphic, this is true lesbian erotica at the highest level.

Unfaithful 5 – release schedule

Unfaithful 5

Unfaithful 5 is two thirds of the way through it’s release schedule. You can already see it on our web site and it is also available as a download in the Shop As soon as the DVD is ready we will let you know on our site, through our weekly e-mail (sign up if you haven’t already).

Some reviews are coming through in the Lounge – go have a read…

Photos from Unfaithful 5


So tell us… who are these girls and how do they fit into the script of the series?

Unfaithful 1 reviews

I was browsing the web recently and found some reviews on the original Unfaithful film (number 1) – some really glowing reviews!

5 stars Worth the money

This is my favorite movie now, of all time. The two ladies in this movie do not appear to be acting and that makes it all the more enjoyable. I love love love this video.
Submitted by Marisa (Seattle, WA, USA) Verified Buyer

5 stars Mind blowing, — even for Viv Thomas!

From the first scene it was evident that even for Viv Thomas this film is magnificent! Stunning new actress that I have never seen before, I MEAN STUNNING!!! When it comes to lesbian erotica there is Viv Thomas and all the rest. The passion in this film is palpable. I have never seen this kind of passion in any other so-called lesbian erotica. Watch the crap that Girlfriends puts out and then watch a Viv Thomas feature. It is like the North Dakota golden gloves champ alongside Muhammad Ali! If you want to see true passion and inspired acting Viv Thomas is it period. If some of the gorgeous and feminine women in his features are not actually lesbians, — THEY ARE AMONG THE WORLDS FINEST ACTORS!
Submitted by Mark (Seattle, WA.)

4 stars Very attractive women, very natural feel

This movie features very attractive women having what seems to be very natural, relaxed sex with each other. The only potential downsides for most viewers are no toy use in the film and the actresses do not speak English. Kind of strange to watch porn with subtitles . . . but then you don’t really need the subtitles, and they only occur in parts of the film that a lot of viewers will fast forward through anyway . . . :)
Submitted by Jay (Birmingham, AL) Verified Buyer

5 stars Nicely done

This film certainly kicked up the notch for having a storyline behind the most beautiful girls going at it. I watched it three times (at least) the very moment I received it!
Submitted by Lyndsey (Overtown,VA,USA) Verified Buyer

5 stars Best movie ever made!

If you like erotic, real girl on girl action then this is the movie for you. I have NEVER been turned on so much by a movie before this one. There are no toys or hardcore action. It is simply hot, lustful lovemaking at its best! The story line is captivating and Lisa and Nelly rock it! I can not say enough about this movie. If you are having reservations about buying this movie all I can say is that it is well worth the price!
Submitted by kimpy_jake (Port Allegany, Pa) Verified Buyer

Nella, Lisa and Unfaithful 5

Here is a clip that Spunk L Davis posted on our blog a few months ago – if you missed it, it’s worth a gander.

Ok, calm down. I am only posting this clip because it is a special day today, it’s the birthday of one of our forum moderators, Kim, and it features her favourite girl, Nelly. So this little behind the scenes clip is for you Kim, Happy Birthday!

Unfaithful 5 has a lot of Nella and Lisa together in lots of different places, as people were hoping! But it is still in the early stages of post-production, so please don’t ask me for a release date just yet. This scene of them in the shower will feature in the movie and of course it gets a little more raunchy than this! I’m just showing you this little taste because I caught them a little off guard and acting natural. We filmed this piece in the shower after they made love, so they really were just showering together and washing down each others sweaty bodies.

[flv:/blog/video/onlocation5.flv 432 320]

Unfaithful 5 still in post production

I was looking over Spunk L Davis’ shoulder last night before leaving work. What was he doing? Well he was creating another of his masterpieces and for me personally this looks to be the best yet. I guess it’s a no-brainer that every new Late Night Film is a little better than the last.

The reason it’s really tweaking MY noodle is that I am often off at the video lads about outdoor shooting. I seem to hear myself suggesting that “we should do a little more outdoors and take advantage of this wonderful natural area we live in (The Algarve, Portugal).” So I was really happy when the guys did it, and as you can see from the photos, Unfaithful 5 has a lot of outdoor naturalness going for it. We can’t wait to release it either (coming late summer – 2009).

Check out these behind the scenes shots from a beach scene – with… yes, you guessed it Nelly and Lisa.

Praise for Unfaithful 2

Unfaithful 2 genuinely elevates lesbian porn to a new level

Indeed it is high praise from adult industry giant: AVN! They took one look at Unfaithful 2 and came up with the following grandiose accolades:

“..ringing extremely true dramatically, and photographed absolutely gorgeously — Unfaithful 2 genuinely elevates lesbian porn to a new level… A high water mark for the current wave of true lez-rotica.”

Erotic Trade Only, the lifeblood of the British Adult Trade gave three movies of the month in one year – unheard of before in their 6 odd years of existence. This is what they say about Unfaithful 2:

Such intensity is rare in porn, as is such attention to quality. It’d be wrong to say Thomas’ latest transcends porn, but this is certainly something out of the ordinary.

Unfaithful 5 in post production


Unfaithful 5 takes the girls to Portugal for a much needed rest. That’s about all we are told – no plot NOTHING! Although I would imagine Spunk L Davis releases a few titbits now and then on the forum. As for a release date…  forget! Sometime in 2009 just has to suffice for this LONG awaited film.

Unfaithful I – reviews

Anonymous Lez
The film has four long love scenes, and all contain Lisa. Three of them are Lisa and Nelly. Viv Thomas has set a new bar for lesbian sex. Not much talking. The kissing is nice and long, and oral is out of this world. When Lisa sucks Nelly’s pussy, it’s a sight to behold, especially when Nelly is blindfolded.

My only complaint is, I wish they had a scene where Nelly is inexperienced and she and Lisa are having sex for the first time. That would have been sexy. I hope they save that for a sequel or prequel.

I think Unfaithful can be a trilogy, like Pink Velvet. Highly recommended. The best Viv Thomas film since Pink Velvet 3

This movie is excellent. The chemistry between Nelly and Lisa is amazing. It’s quite passionate, sexual, and hot through and through. The viewer can sense that Lisa and Nelly are very sexually attracted to each other, which makes incredible scenes. This deserves 5 stars, hands down. Plus, I agree that this deserves a trilogy from Viv – another starring both Nelly and Lisa.

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