Official Trailer for Unfaithful 6

The trailer to Unfaithful 6 provides you with more insight into this riveting finale to the Viv Thomas series of lesbian betrayal.

Unfaithful 6

Realizing it’s now way too late, Lisa still struggles to come to terms with losing someone she loved so much. Haunted by memories of Nella, her new relationships falter and she is plunged deep into despair. Jo and Eve enjoy an idyllic life together, only for past and present transgressions to rear their ugly head. Infidelity changes everything.

Can trust ever be recaptured? Emotionally and beautifully shot by one of the greatest lesbian porn production houses: the Viv Thomas Team.

One thought on “Official Trailer for Unfaithful 6

  1. Annamarie

    NO!! NO!! it cant be the lasted of the series. I am hocked on it!!!!!!! I am a dreamer that want Lisa and Nella to get together in the end!!!!!!!!!!
    Please!! please!! let me the storyline continue
    L oxox


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